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Image Of Mahmoud(left) and Hamza(right)
Me and Hamza, another CE Student.

Welcome to my site where i will attempt to learn HTML via trial and error as well as following the lectures and examples i found elsewhere online (W3 schools and otherb programming websites), please use the Contact Me page to send me feedback usingthe form on the Contact Me page, or send me an email. W3 schools is also a great source of information on html, CSS as well as scripting and back-end code with JavaScript and PHP, i am mainly using the data in the lectures and handouts given by the professor, they are based on data gotten from the W3 schools website, well, i think this paragraph is large enough as is, i don't want it to get too big.

For more information please visit the About Me Page, i also use it to test my Image and Video Loading abilities, else you can visit the Blogposts for my latest creative and educational writings, as well as the Homework page where i post my finished homeworks for teachers and students to have access to.